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My thoughts on the Decode anime...

Well I just finished the Birdy The Mighty TV series and here are my thoughts:


SPOILERSCollapse )

Short AMV

Hi everyone! :D Just found this community after a little searching, even though it's so small! Should be bigger! Yes! Exclamation points!!

Welp, I made this for my anime club and thought I'd share!

not sure if there are spoilers, but here's a cut nonetheless?Collapse )

Song was shortened a little because of the deadline I had to meet (aka today!).

Looking forward to seeing more of this community :3

1 Layout And 1 Wallpaper ^^

★ Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - 19 Icons , 2 Layouts , And 2 Wallpapers.
★ Vocaloid - 13 Icons, and 12 Wallpaper
★ Kuroshitsuji - 9 Icons
★ Kobato - 7 Icons
★ Offuri - 7 Icons
★ Miliyah Kato - 10 Icons
Tetsuwan Birdy Decode (Birdy : The Mighty) 1 Layout, 1 Wallpaper

More [here] @ churikko  !!!

Decode and Decode:02 Licensed!

Funimation picks up Birdy along with a handful of other shows! More info here!

Huzzzah! Now if the manga would get picked up...


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[06] birdy the mighty: decode
[32] kuroshitsuji (ciel)
[38] loveless
[65] maria†holic


the rest are here @ weatherboxes


I have to say, while I had reservations in the beginning by the end I totally loved it!

I just wish there was some sort of trailer or something for the 2nd season, I can't wait......!!

New series vs. old OVAs

So I just watched the first two episodes, but as I expected I'm gonna have to teach myself to like it. I loved a lot of aspects of the old OVA, it was different from other anime. For the most part Birdy wasn't a cliche anime chick who got impatient all the time and Tsutomu's love interest was a nice girl that didn't automatically blame Tsutomu for things and freak out when he was with his friends who were checking out porno mags... the bad guys were mature and in control. Those were things that made the original OVAs great, but it looks like the new birdy is gonna be more standard cliche anime. Thoughts?

Jul. 12th, 2008

Hi, just posting two quick icons:

Not my best, but if you'd like to use them, go ahead, just credit either greenonionicons or myself, please. Thanks!