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The Birdy the Mighty anime and manga series
This is a community for fans of the Birdy the Mighty manga series, OVA, or Decode, the new anime series. Please be mindful of your fellow fans and follow the simple rule for the community.

• Please put spoilers under a cut. If your post does have spoilers, please mention that somewhere visible before the cut.
• Fanwork is very welcome, but please keep large images and fiction under a cut. Please include a warning if the contents are mature in nature.
• If you would like to post more than three icons, please put them under a cut. Feel free to have sample icons before the cut though.
• Blog crews are fine as long as they are relevant to the series. If they get out of hand, this rule may be altered.
• Feel free to post role play community advertisements. If they get out of hand, this rule may be altered.
• Play nice.
• Have fun!

This community's appearance and profile will be updated within the next week or so.
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